Our Ethos

Early Years expertise, determination, passion, thrive and love

Our vision:

   Happy, confident, and determined learners

Our Mission:

Learning together and caring for each other

Our Values:

Be caring, respectful, considerate, independent, and inclusive

Our little home opened in July 2011 with a handful of team members and very few children, however at the heart of Little Smile we maintained a strong family ethos, ‘a home from home’, which we use as the foundation for all learning, and for our team and children to feel part of a family. We all work together inclusively to learn, provide a safe, happy, caring and stimulating environment, where children are given a variety of different opportunities to reach their true potential. We believe, if I succeed, you succeed, and if you succeed, we all succeed’, this is for the setting as a whole as there is no I in TEAM for children.

We always want the best for all of our team, children, and families. We have strong emphasis on team work and moral and we believe that ‘all for one, one for all’. Our team are not here to do ‘just a job’ they are here to create an experience for children and families, in a respected environment where they are valued and supported.

Happy team = Happy children and families = happy nursery environment and positive friendly atmosphere for children to flourish.

An extension of home; Friendly Caring Teachers; Hygienic Setting; Healthy Food; Lots of fun Activities; Adventurous Outings; Multicultural Parties; This is what Little Smile Nursery (Polsko – Angielskie Domowe Przedszkole) is all About Read More

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