8.30       –  Breakfast

10:00    –  Snack time

12:00    –  Lunchtime

2:30      –   Snack time

4:00      –   Tea Time


At Little Smile Nursery, we offer home cooked food on a daily basis. We cater for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets and aim to supply multi-cultural foods. For those who do not want what is on the menu, we offer healthy alternatives. We change our menu over the year, so we have an autumn menu and a summer menu. We rotate our menu over a course of 4 weeks. Detailed menu can be seen below.

Juice Policy:

We have a NO JUICE Policy in our Setting.Please may we remind ALL parents that juice or flavored water is not allowed in the nursery.This includes Kubus, Ribena, Flavored Water, Dilute Juice or any other juice which contains Sugar.We are more than happy to provide water and Milk for the children who attend Little Smile.Please Note: Juice or Flavored water provided from home will not be given to your child.

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